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3 Doctor’s Appointments You Should Schedule Today

Unfortunately, all too many health issues that lead to severe injury or death are linked to preventable and treatable conditions that simply go missed. Americans over the age of 55 benefit from avoiding unnecessary risks and scheduling doctor's appointments regularly. Healthy living starts with taking precautions. 1. Eye Appointment As you age,
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Healthy Living, Healthy Mind

There are many difficult things about aging.  It's important to eat a healthy diet and to maintain your body through exercise. Another important factor in healthy living as we age is maintaining a healthy brain.  Here are some tips for managing your mind. Learning According to Harvard Health Publications, learning is important as
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Healthy Living: Vitamins for Seniors

As we age, our bodies change, which means our nutritional needs change. While seniors need the same vitamins and minerals as younger people, they need them in different amounts due to these changes. Healthcare providers agree that most seniors should try meeting their nutrient needs through diet instead of supplements. However,
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Healthy Living: Becoming More Mobile and Fit

As we age a few changes tend to occur. We lose mobility and we gain a few pounds. If you find yourself in this situation, contrary to conventional wisdom, often the solution is to eat more frequently and to exercise with less intensity. Muscle Confusion In a class deigned for older seniors, age 70-100, organizers are
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Are you curious about the buzz surrounding essential fatty acids? Are you wondering if you should add them to your diet? For some seniors, adding essential fatty acids to the diet may provide health benefits. What are Essential Fatty Acids? Essential fatty acids are unsaturated fats that are also called omega-3 fatty
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