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3 Doctor’s Appointments You Should Schedule Today

Unfortunately, all too many health issues that lead to severe injury or death are linked to preventable and treatable conditions that simply go missed. Americans over the age of 55 benefit from avoiding unnecessary risks and scheduling doctor’s appointments regularly. Healthy living starts with taking precautions.

1. Eye Appointment

As you age, you need an eye appointment not only to look for changes in your vision, but also to detect underlying health issues affecting the structure of your eyes. Diabetes and high blood pressure are only two issues your eye doctor may be able to spot early. Schedule this appointment at least once every two years.

2. Dental Appointment

Your dentist can do more than fill cavities. In fact, your dentist can actually scope out your gums for infection that can lead to severe health complications. Dental cleanings are important every six months regardless of how your teeth and gums feel.

3. Dermatologist Appointment

Checking out your skin for moles and other abnormalities can actually help you stop melanoma in its tracks. If you see any changes to existing moles or see that moles are growing or spreading, you should seek a medical opinion. With early detection, your survival rates are higher.

Scheduling your appointments well in advance is essential. If you forget to make appointments, you can always ask your doctor to schedule your next dental cleaning, physical, or eye appointment before you leave. Do you have questions about your health? Contact us to learn more about your options surrounding healthcare and insurance that will benefit the health of your mind and body.