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Healthy Living: Becoming More Mobile and Fit

As we age a few changes tend to occur. We lose mobility and we gain a few pounds. If you find yourself in this situation, contrary to conventional wisdom, often the solution is to eat more frequently and to exercise with less intensity.

Muscle Confusion

In a class deigned for older seniors, age 70-100, organizers are discovering that people of all ages can improve mobility by engaging in a unique approach to low-impact exercise. For years trainers have used the low-impact method because the movements are easy on a person’s joints. But what this class is doing differently is incorporating muscle confusion.

The approach is straightforward, instructors keep mixing up the workout routine. This prevents muscles from becoming accustomed to a set of exercises which reduces a workout’s overall effectiveness. But by intentionally confusing the muscles through a varied routine, the body is force to react in every workout session, improving strength and mobility in the process.

Increase Your Eating Frequency

Without a doubt healthy living requires regular exercise, but when done correctly increasing your number of daily meals is a highly effective way to shed unwanted pounds. The reason is by eating before hunger sets in, a person tends to eat less. But the key to this approach is incorporating high-quality snacks into your plan. Eat snacks that are “high in nutritional value,” like: raw almonds, Greek yogurt, fresh fruits and vegetables, or high-grain crackers.

Becoming healthier is a matter of habit at any age, but once we become seniors, these habits can mean the difference between an enjoyable life or one restricted by poor health. The good news is that just by incorporating two new habits — muscle confusion and healthy snacks — you can substantially improve your overall well-being.

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