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Healthy Living, Healthy Mind

There are many difficult things about aging.  It’s important to eat a healthy diet and to maintain your body through exercise. Another important factor in healthy living as we age is maintaining a healthy brain.  Here are some tips for managing your mind.


According to Harvard Health Publications, learning is important as we age because it may keep individual brain cells functioning as well as ensuring that they are communicating with each other.  Some jobs require a lot of mental work, but if you don’t have one, pursue a hobby, craft, or learn a new skill.  Take continuing education classes at the local college.  Do puzzles every day.  Play chess or Scrabble with your partner to ensure both of you get some mental challenge.

Repeat After Me, Then Repeat After Me

Remembering can be difficult as we age, but not impossible.  If you repeat what you want to remember, either out loud or writing it down, it will help you to remember.  The more often you do this, the better, but not in a short amount of time.  Space it out so you repeat it an hour later, then a few hours after that, then the next day.  The repetition will help it become engrained.

It’s Not You

Aging does not mean that you will lose your memory.  While there are actual causes of memory loss, missing an appointment or a friend’s name is not necessarily the beginning of forgetting.  Everyone forgets, we just believe that we forget more as we age, and this can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Believe in yourself, and that will go a long way towards keeping your brain sharp.

Nowadays, we know so much more about how people work and how to maintain a standard of living that can keep us much more together than long ago.  Contact us if you’d like to talk about more ways we can help you to maintain your mind as well.