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Retirement Info: Let Your Grandkids Make You More Tech Saavy

It is a long honored tradition for grandparents to teach their grandchildren skills they have learned from their life experiences. Learning to cook with grandma or tending the garden with grandpa is a rich experience for both. I am a grandmother and retired and interested in learning to do more than just the basics on my computer so I took a word processing class at the library. I practiced at home and my 10-year-old granddaughter was watching me and giving me pointers. I quickly discovered she knew more than I did! So we had a lot of fun experimenting and practiced by pretending to start a business. Our business was a toy shop that specialized in selling teddy bears. We used the word processor to make pretend business cards and fliers about the upcoming ‘Teddy Bear Picnic’ our business was holding to promote our teddy bears. It was so educational for BOTH of us. We learned to make borders on our fliers and a logo for our business. We learned how to add pictures to our text and use different fonts. 

I watch her after school and it wasn’t too long before she brought home a school laptop to do assignments on. I was still getting used to the idea that they use white boards in schools rather than blackboards! Now they are sending home computers? I was feeling a little out of date! Not to worry though. I commented on something she was doing and she mentioned Power Point. I told her I had heard of it but didn’t know exactly what it was. She said “It’s easy grandma. Do you want me to show you how to do it?” So I learned how to make a Power Point presentation and it was easy and really fun! We had such a good time. It was educational for her as well because she had to figure out how to word things and make a clear understandable presentation.

So as much as we love to teach our grandchildren, it is also a wonderful experience to learn from them. Just the other day she whizzed past me giggling and stuck her phone in my face. I ‘saw’ her friend in real-time saying hello to me. I said to my granddaughter “Do you mean you can actually see each other over the phone? I don’t know how to do that. Will you show me?”

So continue to teach your grandchildren but learn from them too. Their generation is well versed in all things tech. Retirement gives us more time to spend with our precious grandchildren and it is fun to learn new things from them. For more retirement info, on a variety of topics, please contact us. We are here to help.